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Voice-over & speak

Voice Resort uses a wide range of voice actors and professional speakers for voice-over and speak productions.

Once we find the right voice talent for the job, we pay attention to details like diction, intonation, and acoustic management to achieve natural-sounding results.

Research and pre-production are essential parts of every project.  This helps ensure the quality of all aspects of your speak and voice-over, from dialects and accents, to signal pathways and technical specifications.


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Speak and Voice-over actors


We have decades of experience in casting and production management and we are happy to share our knowledge to help you make the right choices for your speak and voice-over project.

Describe your project and leave casting to us or, do the casting yourself in the above voice archive and let us know, along with a description of your project, which voice you prefer.

Project Management


Project management diagram

At the beginning of a project we go through a rigorous planning phase to ensure that the proper resources are allocated to your particular project.

Our project managers handle everything from casting, booking and delivery to outsourcing and revisions when needed.


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All projects are handled according to Voice Resort’s procedural structure, which includes rigorous workflow management to ensure that all stages of the production are carried out in accordance with project specifications.

Quality control

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All services and products provided by Voice Resort undergo strict quality control and process assessment and we do regular client satisfaction surveys as well as a thorough analysis and follow-up support on all project feedback.